Making Glass

I call myself a “mixed media artist”. I use that terminology because I use all the different mediums in my art. I use metal. I use fabric and textiles. I use paper. I use ceramics. I love to mix mediums in new and unexpected ways.

Now I have been taking classes in glass making. Yes, glass making. Not stained glass as everyone has assumed when I tell them I have been making glass but actually taking fine ground glass powder and using a kiln to make it into solid glass.

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to San Francisco area to study with renown artist Richard Parrish.

I saw beautiful pieces by Richard and even by some of my fellow classmates  while we were there. I did not make works of art. I made messes. Some of those “messes” were laid to rest in the recycle pile immediately. But in those messes I learned some things.

I learned that when I made a pattern it was going to come out of the kiln in a mirror image so if there is a direction that I am aiming for I need to make my piece in the opposite direction.

white pattern_edited-1


bk tile_edited-1

I learned that even with monochromatic colors you can still achieve depth and texture.

ore tile_edited-1

I learned how to mix colors and texture. Can you see the little “serpent” that showed itself when it came out of the kiln. What a fun surprise!

serpent tile_edited-1

I learned that I could take a photo of a piece of cloth that I rust and tea dyed,

rust dye cloth_edited-1and make the same pattern in glass.

rust dye_edited-1

How will I use these new techniques in my mixed media practice? I don’t know yet, but as my husband always tells me “It’s another tool in my toolbox”.

Thank you Richard.

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